Hi..my lo went for injection(6 in 1) yesterday in the polyclinic. Today when i woke up i realise it is slightly swollen.is this normal?

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yes, pd told me before.

yes it's normal for it to swell a little. use a hot compression to calm that area down. If baby seem extremly cranky when that swollen area is touched, please bring back to the clinic.

Hi it is normal for the injection area to be slightly swollen although my baby has never really got a swollen patch but the nurses tell me it happens. Use a cold compress over the sore area. Is he cranky from the injection or look like he is in pain or having fever? If he is not I will say monitor and the swelling should go down in a few days time

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Where is she slightly swollen? Is it leg or injection area? Might be nurse skill not so good. any fever and other any rashes on other parts of his body? As for appetite. Any changes? Anyway use cold compress and monitor for next few days

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4y ago

Its at the injection area.the thigh part.so far her appetite still the same.no fever..

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Its normal! Please use warm compress at the area!

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Yes, it’s normal. Monitor for fever too

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Normal. Next time try to warm compress the injection area after taking out the plaster with cotton wool and warm water.

6mo ago

Can share need to compress how long? For how many days?

yep possible

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