what was the first food you had introduce your lo?

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I started off with Friso rice cereals(can try the attached simple recipe), prepare in small portion and let LO explore the taste and texture, some other first food which I introduce will be apple,banana,papaya puree also in small portion... and then observe LO likeness on the taste and texture , also do check out if there's any allergy reaction.for example,I will introduce one new food and wait for another 2-3 days before I introduce another new food for LO to try :) Hope this helps :-)

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the first ever food that i introduced to both my kids was dal water, or lentil water. this was just after they completed 6 months. the next was boiled mash potato which they absolutely loved. the next favourite was soft boiled rice mixed with mash potato. i did give cerelac to my first born, but never tried it with my second one.

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I'm not there yet but doctors say it's good to stat with vegetables. Each day new puree, starting with the less tasty ones and continuing with fruits. If you start with something sweet as carrot for example, it is possible your baby will refuse something like broccoli.

i tried cerelac wheat apple n khichdi flavour..but my baby didnt responded gud to dm..dn i startd giving home made food only...like churi of chapati,curd,mashed aalo..mashed rice,daals,fruits n veg pulps,suji kheer,dalia,veg khichdi...try out dfrnt flavours..

I made all the real food myself. Like carrot puree, potato puree, etc ... Of cos, always to try on a type of food for a period of 3-4 days to ensure that there is no allergic reaction then try others thereafter.

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Avocado - mashed with 1 teaspoon of breastmilk. She only had 2 -3 teaspoon. Started by feeding milk first, then stop half way, feed some purée and then fed her some more milk after. She quite enjoyed it.

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Rice cereal, pumpkin puree and sweet potato puree were the top three among my friends. For the few who ventured into baby led weaning, steamed apples, carrots and bananas were at the top.

Depending on the likes of the baby, mostly start with fruit puree or rice cereals. Trick I used is to add in little bit of milk for the taste.

I've been giving him a tiny bit of jook (rice porridge) just to get him used to eating and to help him sleep longer through the night.

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Avocado. Hindi season ng avocado when he turned 6 months pero gusto ko yun talaga first food nya kaya kahit mahal, push!