What should i do?? Need advise

My LO is turning 2mths old. These days, she tends to sleep more than 4hours w/o demanding for milk. Should i wake her up? Or should i scheduled like every 3hrly to feed her? She is only drinking 70-90mls EBM every 3hrly. Will she be under-feeding?

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Babies always have these different phases, so enjoy it while you can! I don't think it will last forever. Soon they will demand feeding every hour haha then you will wish they sleep longer.

Your baby will cry if she’s hungry. Mine seldom cry for milk, and sleep most of the time too. But i make sure to feed her before letting her sleep. Sleeping allows their brain to develop.

Every babies have different intake of milk amount. They will call(cry) for milk when they are hungry and want it. Don't worry that it's 3hrs gap if she's sleeping

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Hi... it’s fine. Your baby will wake up and cry if she’s hungry. No need to wake her up for feeding. Adjust to her feeding schedule

Just let her sleep. PD said sleeping is good for brain development for babies, if they are hungry, they will “ask” for it

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Just let her sleep. No worries about under-feeding. Baby will wake up for the milk if she is hungry.

It's fine. Just rest and let your body recover. Your LO will cry when hungry so all will be fine.

Hi, I think it is better to let her sleep. That way, she can be fresh and will also eat properly

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That's totally fine, sleep and rest more important for babies at this stage(:

It happens. Best to let her sleep.