My 9 month old baby always want to vomit out milk almost every feed. Her appetite is also a little bit decrease. I did once asked her dr about her appetite. He said as long as she's drinking 90ml every 2-3hrs should be fine. But now she dont want to drink. And everytime i need to dream feed her. ? what should I do? Pay her dr a visit? Or should I monitor first? Is there any home remedy?

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You mentioned want to vomit, dod she eventually vomit? Also is she having a cold, teething or any other symtoms? If no then i suggest better going back to the pd.

6y ago

Am not sure if she is teething, but she already just had her lower incisors.

Yes some kids, sprout real fast. I have friends whose kids sprout one after another. Total 8 came out.