Help! my lo wants only to Nanny carry!

My lo tends to get cranky and more active at night. Me and my mother try to carry and coax her but she keeps crying. She only stops when the confinement Nanny carries and coax her. She seems to be more attached to the Nanny. It's been 1 week since Nanny's here. What should I do??? Is it bcos the way or carrying isn't as comfy? Or is it that lo used to her smell?? Will she mistaken Nanny as her mother as I don't bf?? Help!!

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Think it’s normal coz confinement nannies are experience in handling babies. I used to feel sad too and said this to hubby when she was 1 week old... only the nanny able to calm her down.. Don’t get dishearten, keep trying to hold her and calm(talk and sing)her more. Your baby will eventually recognizes you as Her mommy soon in few weeks time. Everything and everyone is New to her now. My girl is now a koala to me... but then somehow she will choose my mum over me even though my mum doesn’t stay with us(guess grandma doesn’t scold her but mama does 🤣... )except when she wanna sleep.. she will come and look for me to read and hold her hand to sleep.. 😅

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Normal. Babies also know how to choose the more experienced person to carry. Haha. Don't worry. Let the nanny handle while you rest and recuperate and learn from the nanny how to care for bb. After confinement, you'll have less help already and need to do everything yourself.


Do not worry about this. Take your time now to rest, sleep and regain back your strength. Babies have phases. She will eventually want mommy to carry her. Right now, enjoy this phase and don’t stress over it

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It's normal. My LO was like that too. Try to feed and bond with her as much as possible and she will slowly get attached to you. Give your LO some time.

hi! any updates on how the baby transited? having the same problem now. LO only wants nanny to carry.

Don't worry. She will eventually look for you.

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Don't worry, it's just a phase(:

Dont worry. Is a passing phase.