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I would like to recommend Auntie Kelly for her confinement nanny service. She is very experienced, responsible, hygienic, and caring nanny. Experience wise she has been doing this for many years. She has been doing it for an agency as well. But due to the high commission the agency takes sometimes up to 1.5K, she likes to try going direct to mummies nowadays. She even has people asking her to go overseas to help babysit constantly. I was lucky she is free. She cooks well and the food is really delicious. She has a nice variety of food she cooks. The food won't be too strong flavoured as Mums should not take too much salt at the start. Yes she told me this. So at different weeks she will modify the taste accordingly. Never get sick of her cooking. Every meal is usually 1-2 vege, 1 meat/fish, 1 soup (usually herbal or ABC, lotus root with herbs added in). My mum is also now asking her to cook some dishes she sees in a recipe book ad she cooks them. Taste quite nice. She is experienced and cooks quite fast within an hour, of course she prepares the ingredients beforehand. I find her responsible, I leave my baby with her at night. She will trigger us if the baby is hungry or coax the baby if it is just small cries. She works well with my mum too. Sometimes my mum buys the grocery, or she can also go to the wet market herself to buy food. She does have a way with babies and knows baby behaviour well I realised, whether it is poop, hungry, or just want attention. Her style is slightly old school Chinese buy she is respectful. So she will just inform us how they usually do things but she will just follow whatever we wants her to do, be it food taste, baby feeding or other practices. To be frank on the times I voice my feedback her explanations turns out to be reasonable or after she did what I want,I realised it is my mistake, she is right. Hahaha. So she is quite teachable.  I was so fortunate to have her. She is highly recommended. She is from Johor and speaks mostly Chinese and Melayu. You may contact me for more information or you can contact her at Whatsapp +6012 792 2923 OH and importantly as she do not go through agent, her fees are reasonably cheap. Not cheap but slightly cheaper if you know what i mean. Haha. I hope she don't get overbooked by the time we have our second baby. 
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thanks for the recommendation
Thanks for sharing! Food pics are yumm
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Thanks for sharing. The pictures of the food looks so good!
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How much does she charge? does she do massage also?
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Glad u found a good nanny! 👍🏻