Washing LO's new items

For lo's new items such as clothes, blanket, towels etc., can we first wash with normal detergent powder or we have to start using baby laundry detergent?

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Can start using baby detergent, newborn’s skin still delicate and sensitive, so will be better to use baby detergent.

Hi, Since baby clothes are very delicate and need soft care, I would suggest you take baby laundry detergent

depends on your kids skin type. for the last year, best to use baby products.

I would recommend to use baby detergent incase ur baby have sensitive skin.

I used baby detergent straight as normal ones might be too harsh

I use baby detergent. Buy from Lazada the bundle and save $$.


Better use komodo baby detergent n komodo laundry softener

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I start with baby laundry powder and softener.

i prefer wash with baby laundry detergent:)

Start using baby laundry detergent :)