My LO has been extra clingy in the day, takes short naps (30-40mins, or less sometimes), and has been having difficulty++ sleeping at night. Once I put him down for bed, he will wake up within 30 mins crying hysterically and it takes a long time (ytd took 1.5 hours) to soothe him back to sleep. The night wakes and crying will continue multiple times through the night. He is 6.5 months now. Other than teething, are there any other reasons for this drastic change in his behavior? He has been like this for a week ?

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Super Mum

Teething and separation anxiety are the 2 big things that I’ve noticed for this age group in both my kids. Very painful indeed. You might want to consider starting to sleep train your LO and teaching him how to self soothe? That in itself is not easy, but it’s quite worth it for everyone. Just a suggestion.. and hope things get better soon. I think my LO was like that for 1-2 weeks before it got better.. she just had another regression last week (coming to 8 months). Sigh. Lol.

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