3 month old baby wakes 45-90min, then naps only for 40min

Hi mummies! My LO is turning 3 month old in a week time. He's been waking up at 7am, and he'd be on a cycle of 45-90min wake time before crying and down for a nap for about 40-45min. He takes about 5-6 short naps a day, bed time is between 7-830pm. He doesn't STTN yet, wakes up for feeds 2-3x a night. Is it OK that he takes so many short naps a day? #firsttimemom #advicepls

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Our baby is about same age and sounds about the same for day nap time. I feed around once every 2hr still, feeding 110ml and trying to drag to 3hr. Night time she usually have her last feed around 11 and will STTN till 6 most nights

2y ago

he drinks about 90-110mls during daytime, night about 120-140ml

yes. why not! at least got nap 👍🏻