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My baby is 11wo and he has been waking throughout the night. Literally every 45min to 1.5h max. He doesn't actively latch for long except for a few. In the day he can sleep by himself for some naps, sometimes he lies on my chest or shoulder and I pat till he's asleep and put him down, but all his naps are either 30min or 40min and he wakes crying. Because of the short naps everday is just making him sleep, like every 30min. I have finally carried him throughout the whole nap on a couple of occasions and he managed to nap close to 1h or more than 1h. Tried carrier but it made my boobs sore and I'm afraid of blocked ducts. Will he outgrow this and what can I do so that he can sleep longer stretches? I can't be carrying him all the time. Do I have to do sleep training or what other gentler ways are there? #pleasehelp

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it may just be a phase of developmental growth. hang in there