Baby constantly turning over while asleep.

My LO is currently 7months plus and has learnt to turn to his tummy both sides and loves to play in the tummy-time position during the day. However, this happens during his long night sleep as well and he will wake up on his tummy fussing and crying every 30minutes so we have to keep coaxing him back to sleep resulting in fatigue for me and my wife. Understand that this is involuntary but is there any parents out there with similar experience and how do you keep your baby from turning over while your LO is deep asleep?

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Super Mum

My LO actually turns when she’s waking up (light sleep mode) rather than in deep sleep. Sometimes she cries too. I let her self soothe and go back to sleep on her own. At this age, they can be taught self soothing, because otherwise they really become reliant on us 😅 And you’re absolutely right. It’s exhausting and non sustainable.

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