Crawling stage

Hi my baby is hitting the 8 months in two more weeks but he has yet to crawl. He doesn’t like to flip over on his tummy when placed him the playmat and only do so when he is on the mattress. He can slide backwards or in a round direction but not yet know how to move forward. So far he only sit and play his toys. Not knowing how to move from sitting position to tummy or tummy to sitting position. Everytime He will cry if he is on tummy for awhile as he doesn’t seem to dare(scare he doesn’t know how) to flip to his back from tummy. And has to help him lie on his back or help him sit. I am worried for this case. Any mummies out there can advise?

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Every child is different and have their own pace. My son does not even crawl at all but will drag or slide himself on the floor then eventually started to walk at 11 mths. His sister crawls but only starts to walk a bit later. Since your child can start to sit, there's nothing to worry about really. It's the walking that is more important but then again all child starts to walk at a different age and pace.

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