What food can I replace cereal?

My LO is allergy to cereal. Tried wheat and rice cereal. He is allergic to both. Is there any solid food I can give to him as breakfast? Lunch and dinner will be porridge.

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Do BLW! No egg or cheese yet unless LO 9 months and up! 9 months introduce egg white 12 months introduce egg yolk! Cheese also 12 months all this is recommended by PD I do BLW and so baby get to try a lot a lot of different food! Introduce 1 new food every 3 days to see for any allergy reaction best to introduce during clinic hours so anything can hit up PD! Instead of just porridge try sweet potato, butternut/pumpkin, banana, apple, pear, spinach, taro, turnip all these can be served puréed!!!

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Beancurd, egg with cheese.