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Mummy can help me share your baby solid schedule and food they eat? Example Breakfast : cereal Lunch : porridge with vege and meat Tea time : fruits puree Dinner : porridge My baby is in ifc so bfast until tea time it has been taken care of. But for dinner im still confused on what should i feed her? Isit porridge with meat and vege or cereal will do? Can you guys share instant porridge that your LO likes? As both of us working we try our best to cook for her but if really no time we have no choice but to resort to instant food for her dinner. #pleasehelp #firsttimemom #firsttimemom

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I send my baby to ifc too, she is 9m old now. Ifc will feed her cereal + fruits for breakfast, porridge with vege and meat for lunch and baby biscuit for teatime. Weekdays I have to work and then rush to pick her up from ifc, so no time to cook. I usually just feed her cereal / food pouch / instant porridge for dinner. You can try SG Homemade Berry Quick porridge and Eusik baby porridge, can easily buy those online. On weekends I usually give her cereal for breakfast, porridge with vege and meat for lunch and dinner, and fruit puree for teatime.

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my LO only eats 1-2 times baby solids a day as she doesn't really like it. we are vegetarian so i steam pumpkin, carrot, veg, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tofu or cook together with porridge. usually will have it at 2pm/5pm. fruits can be anytime in the afternoon. i never really gave any instant porridge/puree because personally i prefer to cook it on that day, on the spot, freshness😂😂

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Milk Fruit Milk Fruit Milk Protein based meal eg tofu, egg, salmon etc and vegetables Milk Milk

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May I know what age range are we talking about ?