LO not taking solid food

Hi all. My LO is currently 7m. I started feeding him rice cereal + milk + fruit/veggy when he turned 6m. But he is always seem uninterested to eat, he will shut his mouth tight. Now at 7m im still trying my best to give him puree/rice cereal. Any mummy facing the same issue? He doesnt have problem drinking milk.

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It’s normal, some babies takes slightly longer time while some babies ready at very early age.. My girl started to show more interest and eat a lot when she was 10 months old.. before that every meal she only takes few mouthful/spoonful only.. Now 20 months, she eats almost everything

I heard is v normal and it depends on the readiness of the bb. Need not force them to eat coz will only make them not want to eat more. Until 1yr old, their nutrients is really from milk. We intro solids only at that stage!

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