my LO is 7 mths+. can sit unsupported though a little unsteady and loves to babble all day long. however he is not very active; hardly plays with his toys when they r placed in front of him and seems to not be very curious about his surroundings. he does not reach out for things when i offer them to him. should i be worried? what can i do to help him in his development? i know babies develop at their own rate but would like to know if this is cause for concern. FTM here.

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u may wish to show him things which arouse his interest. show him many colourful things to make it more attractive for him to attract him. try building rapport with him and encourage him to play/mingle around. take things one at a time. patience is important during this period.

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Hi mommy! yes, every baby is different from the other. Don't worry, just find out his interests. You can play baby music, show pictures or just go outside and show him things. Anything that can caught his attention. And it will start from there.

Try this. Mirrors, aluminium, lots and pans both my kids loved it. My boy seldom played with toys at that are too.

Don't worry. It could be because they don't Interest him. What has caught his eye?