Baby’s movement

Hi mummies, im at 33weeks my baby doesn’t really move much the entire day. He will be active for maybe a few mins and then not much movement anymore. Does anyone else have the same problem? Seems like he likes sleeping alot ? not sure if i should be worried as he has been like that since i can feel him moving. He likes to pause his movement and sleep on one side of my body too ? although he does move back to the middle when i give him a little nudge

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Super Mum

It’s normal:) baby may sleep more during these last few weeks to grow and to get ready to come out. Baby’s also moving downwards, and is now much bigger, so he can’t spin round too much. Heh. He may be on one side the whole day, but if you lie on the other side, you may find him moving down towards that side too after a while. Heh. Anyway, just make sure that there are 10 distinct movements within 12 hours, and baby should be okay

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