Tips to Start Sleep Training

My LO is 6 mth old and he still cant sleep well, waking 4 to 5 times every night (he sleeps at 9pm and wakes at 6am). Each time crying with eyes closed. Once carried and rocked, he sleeps back. How can i help him to sleep better? Have adjusted cot area, temperature, lights etc..

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Consider... Start by eliminating 1 thing. Try carrying but not rocking, put down when asleep. Then move on to pick up, calm baby down, and put down awake. Then move on to not picking baby up at all.. maybe patting/stroking.. that’s a more gradual approach to trying to let baby fall back asleep without the current aids. Honestly, none of the gentler methods worked on my baby. We had to do the cry it out method. Painful at the beginning, but it’s helped all of us greatly. She falls asleep on her own for naps and bedtime. During the night, even if she wakes up, if she’s not hungry, she cries for a short while then goes back to sleep. The other thing to consider is not picking baby up so quickly. For me, it helps that baby’s in her own cot in a separate room. So it takes time for me to get there. That few minutes makes a difference in helling baby learn to self soothe. I started with 2-3 minutes, now it’s about 10 minutes. If she goes back to sleep within that time, I leave her be. If she’s still up, or gets more agitated, I go to her and feed her (I’m in the process if weaning off the night feed).

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I combined cry it out method and fading method. Cruel but short pain is better than long pain.. Did this when he is able to eat solid foods. Sometimes baby will still wake up for milk if he didn't eat much for dinner. It tooks us almost one month but the real cry it out is only few nights. Jia youk..

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