Baby cries non-stop if not carried

My LO is 2 months, is it normal that he can’t sleep without being coaxed,ie carried, rocked etc. Once he’s put down in his cot, he starts crying immediately regardless whether he’s asleep while carried. Won’t stop crying if he’s not carried. It’s only slightly better at night when he’s extremely sleepy and would sleep in his cot without waking up crying.

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It's normal. I had postnatal blues cz of tt at first. My baby didnt even want to unlatch, my nipples were so sore. But imagine being in baby's shoes, he's still new in this world, it used to be so dark, warm and cozy inside but now it's a totally new env so it's natural tt he wld be scared and all. It'll get better soon mama, just hold on! For me, I bought a baby lounger and put him in when he fall aslp before transferring him to the cot. Over time I don't have to carry him to slp anymore. My son got over tt phase aft 2 mths, some babies earlier, some later. Even so, at 3 mths my baby still needs to latch to fall aslp most of the time. I guess it's all trial and error to see what works with our babies.

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It's normal. 1. Swaddle the baby 2. keep the room temperature check 3. diaper change before going to bed 4. have dim lights 5. make sure the baby is fed 6. white noise can help as well 7. burp the baby as much as possible

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Swaddle will be much better cos mine also like that until now 4+mths sometimes also need swaddle to sleep otherwise need carry to sleep for very long before willing to fall asleep on bed

Try to co sleep. May be uncomfortable as you have to squeeze in but maybe that way your baby feels more protected.

Same here :(

very normal

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its normal.