baby cant sleep

Hi everyone.. Have anyone of you experienced where ur month old baby wakes up at the wee hour and having difficulty putting him back to sleep? My one month old will usually wake up between 12MN and still up til 4am. Weve given him his feeding changed diaper as well. He will start crying too.. Any advice on how we can actually help him to sleep? Thank you.

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Sounds like what I am going through with my almost one mth old newborn. My battle with her starts at 9pm and she will only sleep around 11pm plus after crying and screaming. We give her milk, change her diapers, on white noise etc but she will still cry and scream. Brought her to PD, doctor said she has colic and it will take time to recover.

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Sometimes it’s they are not comfortable with silence in night as womb is quite noisy and they are use to with the noise. That’s the reason NB sleep well during the day when it is usual noisy. Try some white noise and baby sleep music on you tube.

2y ago

Lullaby different from white noise.. U try and see if it works.. Good luck 😊

Hi 🙋‍♀️ mummy, my baby used to do that when she was 1 mth old. I brought to her PD and my PD said that she got colic. It will take some time to get better. Now she is 3mth. Sleeps well in the night.

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Yes it's common for NB. You may want to consult your pediatrician... It does get better as they grow older(:

2y ago

Thank you mummy