Milk powder for newborn

Like to get suggestions on what milk formula is good for newborn? I willbe due in july but still no idea of what milk formula i should get.

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its not whats good for baby, but more on what baby will take instead. you could give baby the most expensive and good formula, but if baby dont take, he wont take hahhaa thats what i believe. maybe you can wait till what hospital give your baby. for me, i bought the cheapest formula as im not sure if my baby takes formulas or bm better, bc not sure my supply yet. sekali buy expensive one, then baby dont take.. wah heart pain. my BIL did the exact opposite of me, bought damn ex formula, end up giving us bc baby dont take well, my baby dont like also so throw lor bc open quite long alr😂

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Can check with the hospital which brand of formula milk do they usually provide in July. Some hospitals have everything, some will go by monthly rotation. Of course everyone will say breast milk first, but we always need backup anyway because we don't want baby to be dehydrated. :)

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Are you not planning to breastfeed? If you cant (like me) usually the hospitals will provide formula milk and if your baby is ok with it you may wish to continue. I used similac introduced by the hospital

I gave my boy S26 since newborn. He was a mixed fed baby and able to accept both bm and the fm with no issues. But again, it depends on your baby and your own preference of what u want to gv ur baby.


If you're gonna try breastfeeding and wanna get something is almost same like bm smell it will be nan

Hmm, my baby is mixed fed (BM and FM) but we give her S26 gold and so far she is growing well.

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see what the hospital give to your baby and try it out.

s26 gold stage 1 is good for your baby


my kids had mamil