Should I still get formula milk

Hi should I get formula milk for my baby as I've planned to breast feed him. And my due date is on November. Should I add on formula milk in my things to buy for baby?#1stimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp #advicepls #pregnancy #breastfeed

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It’s better to have at least 1 tin as a back up. I was discharged 4 days after I gave birth without milk. My milk only came out a day after and wasn’t enough to feed my baby. Managed to do full breastfeed from 1 month onwards til now and my baby is almost 8months now.

just gave birth a few days ago. I did get a tin of fm to feed the baby as the breast milk supply in the first few days is not enough. even in hospital they will supplement him with fm . just have to know to use cup or syringe feeding instead of bottle if u plan to bf him

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to avoid nipple confusion. sometimes if baby is used to the teats of the bottle, will not want to latch on anymore.


Hi, personally feel there’s no need to do so becos not all milk powder suits every baby so if there’s really a need to buy, can always get it from the hospital before discharge, as advised by your child’s pd.

Its better to standby formula milk as u never know if u have enough to feed the baby. Theres infants who died from starvation due to lack of supply and mum doesn't know whats wrong till its too late

Pls have one. Not only that u hv to wori if u hv insufficient supply of breastfeeding milk, but there are times u may feel tired or exhausted & formula may come in handy u can give to ur bb.

I didnt get initially however i did not pump frequently and only latched my gal. Over time we felt she is not having enough hence we got fm as well and mix feed.

I didnt buy them cause really dun know if I will be bf or house dwnstair have 24hrs supermarket so if need to I will just buy after knowing.

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thank you .

Hi Mummy, it's better to have formula milk ready as we're not sure if your breastmilk supply will be enough to sustain your baby's feeding needs.

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Perhaps u can ask ur PD

I just gave birth a few months ago and my milk supply is not alot so i would recommend it to buy a tin of milk powder for stand by

I don't think there's a need buy the one hospital is using if really need there are many 24hrs supermarket around