Confinement - baby stay with you or confinement nanny?

During confinement, do you let the baby stay with you and your husband or with the nanny? Wondering about the benefits and disadvantages of each option! Thank you :)

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Super Mum

Hi mama, I think there are pros and cons to leaving things with the confinement nanny - a big point to note would be that nanny would then be the one who would have learned so much about your baby - routines, habits, cries, patterns. Of course you need your rest but I also think it’s good to find a balance. Find a routine that helps you get the rest you need AND provides you with time and practice between you and baby. After all, the confinement nanny will leave in a month…and the baby doesn’t leave with her 😊😉

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I let my baby stay with my husband and the nanny. Cos we need to rest a lot during confinement. Only let baby latch that’s all. When the nanny leaves or when your hubby uses up his leave, you can have all the time with baby