Have you ever gotten so frustrated and upset with your husband cause you feel he's just too rough with your baby? Or if he just wanna get his duties done asap. How do you let him know you're not happy with his methods without sounding naggy or a know-it-all?

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I think you can try just stating it as a matter of fact. Like for example, don't point out the mistake but instead simply let him know what is your preferred way of doing things. For example, instead of stating with "you are too rough with the baby!!", try saying "when you are picking the baby up, you need to place your hand gently..... *insert instructions*". Not sure if this will work for you, but I find that focusing on just stating the facts makes it easier to "suggest" another method of doing things. ;)

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sometimes men dont know how to handle baby.... it is our duty to teach them everything. u just need to warn him wen he s very rough with kids ..ofcourse he s the dad so he wnt hurt kids purposely... we need to teach him if baby does this u plz handle like this..... both mom and dad got equal important to raise kids safely ... dont b upset mom ... dad is smart to learn this quicker

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I have similar situation as you. I told my hubby, "I noticed how you handle our baby. Let me show you how I handle and perhaps we can come up with a better way." Now my hubby will observe how I handle our baby and he will ask me if he has done correctly. Communication is the key even when dealing with baby! :)

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I just tell it like it is. Just say I'm not too pleased with it and if you could please try this instead (give him an alternative rather than point out what you don't like) It'll only hurt the relationship if you bottle it up or scream at him.

Are you sure he is too rough? Babies are pretty resilient. Maybe you are too gentle? No offense but maybe you should consider if it's you who needs to change instead of him.

just do things your way. everyone has different way. he needs to do his duties as a dad. don't allow him the chance to say why not you do it then hahah

I agree with above reply by 'Anonymous'.