Silent Breastpump

Do you know which brand of breastpump is more silent? My medela freestyle is so loud I feel embarrassed to use it sometimes...

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Spectra S1 :)

Real bubee is silent.

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Spectra was quite silent

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Spectra S9+ the best 😊

Spectra is good. My infant and 2 yo are able to sleep through my pump

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I'm using spectra and it's quiet even when I pump in the middle of the night :)

spectra or if you want more budget can try real bubee, i personally have it is quiet and suction comparable to spectra s2

Have your heard of ardo breastpump? I used that for my 1st baby and my husband doesn't even know I was pumping in the middle of night

Hi, has you heard about the korea brand haenim 7s? It is lightweight, quite, powerful battery life. Is good for putting at home and bringing out. I am selling it with warranty.

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