High risk pregnancy

I’ve had spotting during my first trimester and have taken meds for it and was on bed rest for about a month. During my last appointment, we found out that I have low lying placenta. There’s still hope that the placenta will move up but in the meantime, I consider myself high risk. I have just entered my second trimester and to tell you honestly, I’m just really craving for some intimacy with my husband. I do understand the situation, we both do, but it’s just frustrating. What would you do? Haha! I guess it’s not really a question but more like a vent. I guess that’s it, rant over. Thanks!

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Same situation po. I had spotting twice. Una 8th week and 2nd 12th week. 14th week nagpa utz ako and I found out na low lying placenta ako, partially covering os. Umiinom ako ng pampakapit hanggang ngayon, 16th week na. Takot ako makipag do sa husband ko kasi prone sa bleeding. Iniisip ko na lang na mas mahalaga ang buhay ng baby ko kesa sa libido. Minsan na kasi akong nakunan takot na ako maulit yun. Consult ka sa OB mo sis ask mo kung safe makipag do.

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