Bled During 1st Trimester

Hi... I'm a 2nd time mom and my kid's age gap is 18yrs. I knew about my 2nd pregnancy just last week (last period was 11/22/19). Sought an OB yesterday since I also got colds. OB didn't give any meds (since 1st trimester is delicate) except for multivits, folic acid, caltrate and biogesic (for fever caused by my colds). She also requested for TVS (no other labtests). Didn't do it yesterday yet and plans to do it today instead. When I got home, I noticed there were some blood stains (brown) on my pantyliner. It's not so many though and there were no follow ups after I changed but this[ really for me is alarming. I was informed here in the house to just stay home (not to go to work) and have some rest. Is it normal to bleed during the 1st trimester? Or am I really pregnant at 7weeks? Does the PT that shown me I'm positive gave incorrect details? Does the lemon I drank or my kinda spicy food I ate triggered it? Btw, I also have PCOS. Does the situation somehow related to it? I will again consult with my OB later. But I'm really rattled and worried of what happened.. ?

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If it's brownish discharge then its an old blood. If you want to confirm pregnancy do the ultrasound. Bleeding is not normal throughout pregnancy especially if is bright red in color. So better yet do the ultrasound and go back to your OB.

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Yes, its brownish. Thankfully not bright red. Will go back to my OB later and will perform the TVS requested. I'm just really hoping and praying that everything's alright. Thank you dear...