It's a huge leap from k2 to P1. What are the things that we should start preparing them now ?

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For me, everytime I pass by my daugther's future primary school, I will tell her this is her future primary school and she gets very excited each time. I also tried to tell her real situations in primary school, e.g. buy food from canteen, large sized classroom, CCA, new friends and etc. that she will encounter in primary school. When I did my parent volunteer (PV) in the school, I brought my girl together with me and joined some of the school activities. So far, she has positive feedback on the school. She is looking forward to join the school next year. As for the academic wise, I do not particularly do any preparation for her. Apart from P1 bridging english programme that her english enrichment is doing currently, I bought some assessment books (grammar and maths only) for her to practice. Also, I let her do independently so to train her to complete her homework by her own when I return to work next year.

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maths, hanyu pinyin, spelling on both languages, reading. for maths, its different from the past. buy p1 assessment to teach. in fact its simple but need to let them know the foundation, eg number bonds. for hanyu pinyin (hypy), i heard that teacher will emphasize hanyu pinyin for spelling. read more storybook that has hypy. for spelling, practise with them so as to prepare them for p1. not all kindergarten will train them. so its good to start on basic. reading is impt. heard p1 already start with comprehension. i send my gal for english enrichment reading. it really help build her with the structure and foundation. hope it helps

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They would need to know number bond, reading one or two sentences per page kind of story book. Also need to start to train him to buy food himself, queuing up and paying money. Emotionally we would need to keep him positive about going into a new school environment. My boy is also K2 this year, let's work hard together!

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Hi.. most of the lessons in SG schools are conducted in English. Therefore it is crucial that your child can read and write well in English. I would suggest that you send your child for English reading lessons. Please read this article for more information

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Reading out aloud (my p1 boy had oral for exams). Spelling and dictation. Composition (short paragraph like 5-6 sentences). Comprehension. Neat handwriting (my son was penalised once). Money (my son's friend had problems buying food from vendor). Sleeping patterns.

They will need to know basic reading and writing and Math skills. Best to build up on their speed in reading and writing, as they will need it when they copy down stuff from the board. Also, a good idea to train them on how to buy food and manage money.

If u r looking at academics, u might want to send them to prep class. But surviving in a new environment and being with new friends are equally impt. Routine prep is also good. If ur child sleeps in the afternoon, u might want to cut down on that.

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For a start,do make sure they sleep early one month before Jan as they need to get used to the early mornings(: Try and get them to read more Chinese books during the December hol too.

They will need to be responsible for their own belongings, be independent and have fun in school.

Maths as during Kindergarten doesn't emphasis maths so much