There is once I feel my baby skipped a leap. Is that normal? What are the other things do I look out for when she skips a leap? I can't rmbr which tho :(

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Hi Belle, thank you for your question! Your question was answered by Dr Frans on live stream! He says that normally babies are more difficult compared to themselves. Some babies have strong temperaments, and you can't miss their leaps, as they are all there, some are mild (being not so intense), and you might be busy and engrossed in your work, and you may miss it. All babies go through similar stages, so your baby is unlikely to miss a leap! You can view a recording of Dr Frans' Ask The Expert Session here:

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Can baby skip her leap though? Not too sure myself, I'm afraid. A friend of mine thought that her child skipped at week 19 but apparently it was just delayed and sure enough, the chaos started the following week. Think her baby also stated teething at the same time top

5y ago

That the is exact reason why I'm asking :( I feel like she did skip a leap. But I'm unsure, I'm waiting for the expert to answer me. Prolly like you suggested - may be delayed and very mild that I might have overlooked it.