What will you do if your girl tends to be slow in listening to teacher or at home slow in writing. Should I send her to kumon would it be better? Worry about her she now k2 next year p1 not sure she can cope with the work. Thinking to guide her p1 but basic add and subtraction have problem in calculation. What can I do?

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I think that you first need to talk to her and explain how to behave. But do not worry about it. All children are different. You can always hire a tutor to improve her assessments at school. Or if she will have problems with writing an essay to ask for help in the service https://www.rushmyessay.co.uk/ where professional writers will help to deal with the themes, they will consult and indicate errors.

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What did the teacher feedback? You can also try practicing with her. Being slow is okay. But not wanting to learn is an issue. So if she is slow, I would try to encourage her and practice with her.

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Maybe you can consider sending her to kumon to prep her more. In case by the times she goes to P1 she gets overwhelmed in everything and looses interest

5y ago

kumon 1subject $140 right? you got give your kid study there?