Issit realli not that safe to travel oversea for pregnant mummy? I miss my holiday so much?

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I travelled when I was 7w (to hkg) and 10w (to bkk). Just double check with gynae to make sure you are good and healthy to travel. Try not to walk too much (though I did walk a lot since both destinations tend to walk a lot but stop and rest whenever needed) I’m 16w now and I’m traveling (last one before becoming a first time mum) coming July to Perth! (Other places will be too hot so left perth for us and not too far plane ride)

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did your gynae says not to travel? I kept travelling till I'm around 30 weeks...or if for whatever reasons you cannot fly (could be because of elders in the family saying you cant etc), how about a short getaway to malaysia, or even batam and bintan? just maybe try to avoid long haul, and avoid places where you have to walk alot..:)

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Well many people go for holidays, my gynae advised me against it and I did not go, could differ from one person to another, just make sure you plan well e.g. where to find the nearest gynae / hospital, pack enough pregnancy safe medication in case you fall sick, go for a easy holiday etc

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It should be fine as long as your doctor clears it! In my first trimester, doc told me I cannot fly. Cannot even go on long car rides. But now in second trimester, things looking more stable, I believe doc will clear me soon.


Travelling is not really recommended specially during the first trimester. After that, check with your doctor to give you a clean bill of health and ok to travel. Another alternative is to have a staycation instead

You can check with your gynae, but I don’t think it’s unsafe to travel overseas during pregnancy leh. Many mummies to be went for their babymoon safely? I did too! At 27-28 weeks :)

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Yes it’s safe, but try not to travel during the first trimester and last month of the pregnancy. And of course, it’s depend on your physical condition as well.

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I went japan in 1st tri and bangkok in 2nd tri.. i feel it's okay provided if you dont have complicated pregnancy, and also take it super easy during the trip.


This is something you can check with your on-gyne. Usually women can still travel before their seventh month but need certification from their doctor.

For most women, traveling during pregnancy is safe. As long as you and your fetus are healthy, you can travel safely until you are 36 weeks pregnant.