Skincare/supplements recommendations that are safe for pregnancy

I just found out I'm pregnant and am currently in Japan on a holiday. Seems like i cannot just use any skincare products/supplements when pregnant due to certain ingredients that are not safe for pregnancy. Any recommendations of good pregnancy safe skincare/supplements i can get in Japan?#advicepls #firsttimemom

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Curel should be safe for moisturizer! can always get baby products for sunscreen if you’re concerned. For makeup I didn’t avoid any actually.. I think as long as it doesn’t have ingredients like retinol, salicylate acid/strong acids shoukd be fine!

10mo ago

ah Curel is good. Thanks!

I stopped using skincare ever since I found out I was pregnant and my skin has been better than before 🤣🤣

Tbh i didnt change my skincare product for my first baby. N mine not safe either but baby turn out fine 😂

10mo ago

😭 My skincare and makeup has licorice root component which i have read online that it might cause placental development issues so I'm worried.

Avoid AHAs and BHAs too. My toner had that so I changed to nutrogena basic toner for now

10mo ago

thank you!!

actually just avoid using products with retinol. all others are fine.

I still stick to same skincase just avoid retinol.