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Is it okay to travel oversea during WK11-12 of 1st trimester? Any advise what’s required to prepare before traveling ?#pregnant

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travelled during that period, best to check with gynae. Mine prescribed me some hormonal pills incase of bleeding. Pls rmb to rest well during the trip, drink water practice personal hygiene as more prone to UTI during pregnancy. Also if doing alot of walking wear belly support/high waist undies even though belly is small but will help to reduce strain.

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Better ask your gynae for approval, cause we don't know what might happen during the flight. We should always be on a safer side. In case you are good to go, which I do hope...☺️ always keep yourself hydrated and possible to take a flight on a bigger aircraft for more leg room. Walk at least every hr or 2. Keep safe and enjoy! 🙏🏻☺️

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I travelled for an 8hrs flight during my 12th week, with my gynae fit to fly letter (depends on airline). Just nice that my morning sickness too had stop during that period, only that i cant sit for long. I will make sure to walk to the toilet every now and then in flight. If you’re comfortable, go ahead and travel! 😄

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Airline: No documentation needed for pregnancy less than 28weeks. I travelled during 20weeks the airline didn't even ask during checkin. And ofc, like others said check with gynae first u will feel more assured! Have a safe travel!

I remember i travelled during my 7 or 8 months pregnant to Cameron Highlands and KL. But it was on land. A different experience indeed. The officer at the customs didn't say anything though cos i wasn't covering my pregnant belly. Hehe.

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My husband loves bringing me out when i was pregnant. Now my baby wants us to stand up and walk around if we about to put her to sleep or else she'll be cranky.

Yes if your pregnancy has no complications! But since it’s still considered first tri, depends on your comfort level, some choose to go in second tri instead. Can get compression leggings

Travelled 26w-28w, got a fit for travel memo from the gynae! Should be okay if there are no complications in your pregnancy or it isn’t high risk. Then again, best to check w your gynae!

If no complication go ahead. Travel as much as you can before having a baby!!

I was travelling every week since I found out I was 2 weeks pregnant