Is it okay na payagan ang kids na magkaron na ng facebook account ? I have 6 and 7 year old kid .

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Our son asked for an FB account when he was 9 years old. We talked to him what are the requirements and responsibilities of having an FB account. First thing he realized was that he was under aged to have an FB account. We then explained the responsibilities and risks of kids going online. He realized if he gets an FB at 9 years old, he would be lying. One of the strong values we uphold at home is honesty. Our son decided he'll wait until he's of age till he starts an FB account.

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I think when they approach High School, it's more appropriate of a time to create a FB account. Although, even at that age, it really comes down to how strict you are and how well you monitor their activity on the internet. Personally, I think if you vigilantly watch over what they do, around 12 years old is okay...but you have to be extra secure and cautious.

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Nope, I will not advice any parent to create an fb account for their kids. Cyber crimes are prevalent especially the pedophiles. It's too dangerous. Also, please be aware of cyber kidnapping where cyber crooks grab your babies photos and use them to scam people online.

I won't allow my kids at that age to have a Facebook account. I don't think there is a need for it. If the reason is for our relatives to see them, I can always post their pictures using my account.

No. Masyadong delikado sa panahon ngayon. Baka mamaya kung sino-sino ang makipagchat sa kanila at mapahamak sila.

No. It's too dangerous for them. Lalo na ang daming online scam ngayon.