Tired and exhausted

Is ir normal to feel very tired during the 36th week of pregnancy, making it very hard to wake up in the morning for work. Am i just being lazy or is this a real thing? Contemplating if I should request for HL just to rest at home.

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Same here, its very tiring at this stage. If u really need more rest, prolly can try to request from your gynae but now ive heard they are more strict in giving HL. But u can give it a try! All the best mummy!

Listen to your body, if you need it go ahead. Im at my week 33 , i already on leave since week 32, cos body feeling too tired, cant sit on chair for long, and i simply cant stand for long as well.

Yes it is. And I can’t sleep much during my 3rd trim. What I did was exercise. I went for walk or did squats, it helped me sleep at nite and delivery made much easier too.


It’s normal as you are nearing giving birth time. If you can get home leave or work from home, that would help

U aint alone. Pregnancy is not an easy journey. If too tired, request HL and let ur body rest 💪🏻💪🏻

It’s very tiring at this stage. I request for HL from week 38 onwards. Take it slow now...

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I think is real cos by then ur tummy is big n need alot of effort in walking n working (:

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The struggle is real. Counting down the days till i'll finally meet my LO.

Ya.. if u cant cope. U can ask ur doctor to write MC for u to rest at home

It's a very real thing...Don't worry about it. jia you! Almost there!

Yes plus the baby is getting heavier by the day! Jiayou mummy!