Are you into kids even before you had your own?

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I always used to be friendly with kids and liked them but only after having my own kids I feel that when you are young, you like them so much because you have to deal with them for only a small period of time which is why you like everything they do. Once, you have your own kids, then only you realise the nonsense you have to deal and bear with apart from their cuteness.

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Well! I think I have always loved kids. I have also taught in kindergarten. So, I have always been friendly with kids, and I never thought consciously then, but being with kids is such a stress buster. They talk such innocent things and engage you in their little cute things that for a while you forget all your problems and become one with them.

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No, I never remember me being doing coochie cooing to kids before I had my own. I mean, I never despised kids but also never willingly wanted to be in a place where kids would be.

I have prepared for my motherhood long time ago. I even had names for my future kids back then and I took care of my nephews and nieces. Yes, I'm already unto kids evven before.

No. I never experienced playing or taking care of small children before. I don't have cousins or relatives near our home so none talaga.

No. I'm not so fond of kids except for those super cutie ones I see. But in general, I wasn't that patient dealing with children before.

Not at all. All my nephews and nieces are same age as me so I grew up without any baby in our family.

Yes I am. I used to take care of my cousins' children. All of them.

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Hmm, no. I'm not into kids before I had my own. :)

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