newborn diapers

Intending to deliver at TMC - any idea if newborn diapers are provided (1 pack is it?) by TMC upon delivery and do you buy another pack of NB diapers as spare or start with S-size ones?

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Super Mum

They’ll give you the rest of the pack that was opened for your baby in the hospital. Unless your baby is very big, I think you can buy some NB diapers first. Cheaper too. Heh. Different NB diapers are also of different sizes. For eg. Huggies platinum/Merries NB size is physically bigger than Drypers/Huggies Gold. The former is better if your LO is expected to be a bit bigger, and the latter’s better for babies with skinny thighs to prevent leakage of pee/poo:)

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Yes, they will use theirs and give you the extras when you discharge. I bought a few more packs at home too cos there is a need to change often.