how much to buy for nb n s size diaper

how many packets of nb and s size diapers do u buy to prep the arrival of the newborn?#firstbaby

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I gave birth last mth and used 4 packs of nb before switching to size S. My baby was a premature so he's small in size but normal weight and now he's almost 5kg. Don't follow me or others cos our babies are all diff in size & weight. Buy 2 packs first bcos nb can use up to 10 diapers/day. Don't stock up too many cos they really grow very fast.

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Newborn typically changes abt 10 times per day so prepare for abt 2 months worth of NB size. My baby had to change to S at 1.5 month, some babies at 2 or even 3 months depending on ur baby's size. Just buy NB first and u can buy the S size later on online. Shopee always have good deals.

For newborn diaper you can buy 2 to 3 packet then for S size diaper buy 2 packet 1st cause by 1 month or half month they will start grow abit big

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Different babies grow at different rates, but I think buying 1 carton of each should generally be safe

one pack of NB for now, pls don’t stock up as babies outgrow to S size easily

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I use 3 pack NB and it went to S size already. Don’t stock up too much

I used 3 packs of nb diapers plus many samples from different brands.


I only use 1 packet of nb and switch to S shortly.

1 carton is about how many packet??

1carton is how many packs?