In laws interfering with everything

In laws like to interfere with everything, from furniture buying to how we clean our housework. For example, aiyo you buy this table no good la, so short. Aiyo, your kitchen counter not good la, so high for what etc. Help. It's my house but why am I getting so much comments?

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Super Mum

Hey lovey, Hang in there - in-laws can be difficult. But they mean well and sometimes they have the weirdest way of showing it :) I’d say that as long as hubby is supportive of your choices and stands by you, try not to let them try to you. Difficult I know but do constantly communicate with the hubs. I’m not asking you to ignore them but well, selective hearing and listening of unsolicited advice is always about loving yourself enough to protect your mental well being. Your relationship with your husband is important so I’d try to focus on that. Hugs dearie.

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hahaha totally understand how u feel!