Toddler watch mobile phone

I'm very pissed off when my mil early in the morning give my toddler watch phone. She said my toddler take out by himself but why can't she just reject him. She has been giving my toddler watch day n night whenever he make noise I alrd give in. But for this I have to stop her but she unhappy with me. Any mummies face this prob how do you all handle this?

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Super Mum

I think she may not know how else to entertain him. Many parents also give their kids devices because they’re either using devices themselves or they don’t know how else to play with the child. Instead of just asking her to stop, I’d offer alternatives.. eg. Educational toys that my kid wants to play. Toys that have lights and sounds are a good start. Subsequently, we can move on to books and other more intellectual things. My 4yo daughter now has

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Yes happened to my toddler too . Now my boy would aalways want to find his grandma and her phone . Its really sad and I dunno how to explain to her .

Oh dear. I think u need to control screen time too. It’s always difficult to manage between mil. Hang in there mummy!