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I'm quite pissed off when my mil said when my lo with her he didn't cry or make noise but when with me he cry n make noise all. 😒 anything wrong when my lo only make noise when with me? 😔

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Same situation here! My MIL thinks I don’t know how to soothe my babygirl when she cries, and will always take her away from me to calm her down. No doubt it works but I usually try to reject giving my baby to her. I also get agitated at times when she cannot handle my LO the way I want to.

Hi Mum, There is nothing wrong with your LO making noise when with you as that is his way of bonding or interacting more with you :) Just cherish these small moments and ignore all the negative comments

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🙄 nothing is wrong here..dont listen to what she said abt your lo. cause my dad also said my lo makes noise when she is with me..my guess it is lo way of "communicate" with his/her mum..lol

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That’s a comment that insecure people would make. So, ignore it. Your LO makes noise with you because he wants to interact more with you.

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My husband said the same to me, the little boy gets all worked up when am in the room and once I leave he is quiet