Pulse Feeling At Lower Abdomen

I'm now in week 16 and started to feel heartbeat pulse (very soft and it comes on and off) at my lower abdomen. Not sure is this baby kicking or any problem? Can anyone enlighten? Thanks.

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Not to burst your bubble but try putting one hand at your abdomen and your other hand on your heart😂 it actually matches because it is your own palpation and not the baby 😅

3y ago

Hmm i dont think so. I dont palpitate and I usually feel at night when I am just sitting on our bed. I only feel this pulse like starting 16 weeks so I guess it's really the baby

I already 17 weeks and I feel that too! I think its already the baby moving.

3y ago

I also started to notice during week 16.

Yup that should be your little one! Thats what you call quickening!

Yes I feel that too. My fren said it's baby movement

3y ago

Thts nice! 😄

Could be due to baby movements! Enjoy the feeling!

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I felt that too!

3y ago

Many replies that it is baby movement! Let's enjoy the moment! 😊