9 weeks’ preggers and always hungry!

I’m now about 8-9 weeks’ preggers and feel like I’m constantly hungry, especially in the period between lunch and dinner. I’m getting pretty bad nausea that tends to worsen when my stomach is empty. Any new mummies had the same experience? Everyone around me keeps telling me to just eat but I’m worried about excessive weight gain.

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I feel it too. I bring a small portion of nuts with me and a packet of vitasoy daily. For healthy snacks, you can eat fruits e.g apple/banana as it is easy to carry and no fuss. Yogurts are good too. Just watch the amount of sugars you take in. And drink water.. I read that hunger pangs can come from thirst. I just started to weigh myself daily too. But I let go once in a while for some chips. Dr actually just said no raw food/alcohol/tea/coffee during my first visit.

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Just eat seriously. For me, if i dont eat or too hungry, i will vomit anything. Even water. Its not nausea, its just that im very hungry. So i suggest just eat. Like a sandwich or pastry. I still get hungry at times because food is not there all the time. Like i had to go out to find food. So i still vomit once awhile.

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Are u obese ? For me, im petite size. I just eat whatever i want as long as doctor never said its not allowed for pregnant mum. I gained quite a lot, about 3kg in 3 mths. I wake up midnight to have milo n biscuit too. My gynae asked me how is my apetite, i said i kept eating. He said can eat is good.

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Just eat babe. More fruits. And healthy stuff too. Stock up chocolates, and fruits at home. In case if you hungry, grab a bite! Smaller meal but many times 😆😆 You will lose the weight after birth la....

Same. I had to keep munching on food. Maybe can split your meals into five small meals. I’ve recently started snacking on almond. I also had a lot of instant whole grain oat meal to fill the hunger.

Dont worry abt the weight gained, cus im sure all pregnant women tend to gain weight. Just eat if u feel a need to, its for both the baby and your own wellbeing.

Same! You will feel hungry every 2 hours so its best to have small meals everytime. Nausea? Try biscuits and fruits it helps to lessen the nausea! 💪🏻

I have been carrying a ration pack w me whenever I go. If I don't eat something every 2 to 3 hours, the nausea comes!

That's a good thing! Better than having no appetite at all. Just make sure you snack on healthy food and not junk food

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during my first trimester, my morning sicknrss was so bad that I can't really eat anything or do anything