Circle of close friends drifting away

Isit common when friends started their own family and communication between friends gets lesser and sometimes silence? I got a group chat with small group of close friends, which most of us are married, 2 has just gave birth, few are currently pregnant. I'm currently baking one too but in 1st trim so I havnt break the gd news to them yet. We used to be active in our chat, esp when one started with something, the chat can flood up to 100 msges within short period of time. But now, some read but only reply with few words and went silence, some read without reply, but I still see them active in social media. I felt we are drifting away.. Sometimes I have tried to create convo when I shared some news or funny stuff from online but not much response from them. I don't know am I getting sensitive and emotional in this or is this norm in this stage of life.

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Normal. I feel like it's better to be alone than having friends. I too have drifted apart from my BFF & other friends. But bcos we're both SAHM and have kids with me just had a baby last mth. My other friends are working full time and also juggling parenthood so I totally understand their busy schedule but we still make time to have a chat in our groupchat but of course not all will reply. It's fine with me bcos I'm busy handling a baby too so I prefer not to be disturb although there are times that I feel very lonely (before I gave birth).

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even i feel that way I don't have any friends now becoz with kids talking and going out it self a big issue so I feel better not to go out or talk much becoz disturbance will be there .


after 2 kids, it feels like i dont have any friends now 😔

Yeah unfortunately

it happens