Morning sickness at night

I’m in week 10 now, when I’m living at my own house (double storey) I felt very comfortable to sleep at night without any sickness like vomit or nausea. But when I came to stay in my condominium I felt some kind like not very comfortable to sleep at night and got morning sickness at night like vomit dizzy. Does anyone face the same issue? Please advise.

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Same with me last time during my 1st trimester pregnancy. I had severe morning sickness which I could say day and night sickness in my own house, vomiting all day long, plus severe gastric pain day night. But whenever I go back to my mother grandmother's house, I don't really experience severe morning sickness, no vomiting at all and able to sleep. It's all depends on how our body reacts towards the environment surrounding us. I noticed maybe I was very comfortable in own childhood home together with my mother and grandmother, that's why I was fine and happy to see them. Our body and mind plays wonders with us actually. You are not alone, it's our surroundings that we must try to adapt and be comfortable.

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2mo ago

Yea it could be like that.