This few days, when at night i give full direct BF.. during day i give bottle.. when i give bottle he didnt vomit but at night he vomit but weird as i give direct.. then just now, after BF direct i didnt straight away lay him down.. i hold in my arms with 20-30degree .. suddenly he make sound like choke and vomit milk.. he drink milk using bottle around 50ml at 12pm then at 1.30 he want more.. i give him 40ml and fnisih..then 2.30 he want more i give direct.. thats the part he vomit.. did he too full? Its dangerous?

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mgkin sbb biaso pam susu kn,alirn susu jd laju ank nyusu direct pn jd xdan nk sedut dgn nafas dia..cuba nyusu smbl baring..susu x kluar lorat sgt..

3y ago

Ouh..macam tu.. baru tahu.. okey2 noted.. will try

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Susu laju sgt kot?

3y ago

kepit area puting tu so susu slow...