Morning Sickness

I’m in my second trimester and noticed that I have been throwing up in the evenings lately. Is it common? I thought morning sickness happens only in mornings.

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Sadly, even though it's called "morning" sickness, it can happen throughout the day! There isn't any foolproof way to stop it from happening, but taking small, regular meals might help - and keeping dinner light (not heavily flavoured) could help keep food down too. You may also want to explore what helps you get the nauseous feeling away, mine was watermelons! :x

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morning sickness is just a name...and can happen anytime of the day. i got it the whole day when i was pregnant with my child...when I "complained" to my gynae...he told me "be glad that you're feeling this way. it means baby is growing well". makes me feel so much better whenever i'm feeling like s***.

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Some women only have nausea and vomiting in the morning hours, but sickness with pregnancy can happen at any time of the day or night. You may feel mildly queasy unless you keep your stomach full, or you may feel severely ill and throw up even after only drinking plain water.

Yes, especially if you are sensitive to certain food being served in the evening that triggers the reaction. If still uncomfortable, pls check with your gynae

Morning sickness can happen anytime.. i had it 24/7 during my first trimester. Barely survived but it went away once i reach my 2nd tri. Hang On!

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Morning sickness can happen anytime. It varies from individuals to individuals. My Sister-in-law threw up all the way to her final trimester.

Hi dear, morning sickness doesn't mean it'll happen in the morning only. Hehee. For my 3rd pregnancy, it happened more at night. Hehe.

Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day, and for most women, it seems to stop after the 12th week of pregnancy :)

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Morning sickness can happen anytime of the day. Hope you feel better soon. Ginger biscuit and mentos really helped me!

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My morning sickness only happens when im about to go to sleep. So its pretty normal to happen at anytime