Morning Sickness

I’m in my second trimester and noticed that I have been throwing up in the evenings lately. Is it common? I thought morning sickness happens only in mornings.

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My morning sickness is between 5pm to 8pm. So best time to enjoy my fav food is lunch time!

Mine always happens in the eveninh. Now at 28 wks i still occasionally have them too!

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My morning sickness happens only at night. it’s common..

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normal 👌 mrng sickness cn happen anytime in the day

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Still possible, mine occurs at night sometime too.

It can be evening sickness too.

Yes normal

It can happen anytime of the day. It’s normal, don’t worry :) just eat more in other meals that you can so that both mummy and baby gets sufficient nutrition

yes it is normal. you can consider taking the anti vomit pills prescribed by the gynae 2hours before the usual throwing up time.