I'm going to put my son in childcare when he reach 18 months. But my son can't walk unaided. He can cruise and crawl around. He doesn't hold his bottle himself when he drink milk as my mil always hold for him since young. He doesn't sip water from cup as we just spoon feed him a few scoops cuz he don't like to drink water. I'm worried as I don't know whether the childcare teachers will watch him carefully or feed him. Is there a rule saying the toddler need to be independent need to know this and that before u can put ur child in the centre? I'm worried my son can't walk yet too as he is turning 18 mths in 2 mths time. What i need to do?

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I actually heard that someone was denied admission into CC at 18 Mths because he can't walk unaided yet... I'm not too sure if it is across the board or only that particular branch. ... I'm sure it is not too late to make ur LO hold his own bottle starting today ?

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You need to check with your childcare centre with regards to the walking issue. Different centres have different standards with walking. As for the bottle, don't worry. Shortly they will start hold themselves due to peer pressure!

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you can tell the center and the teachers what would be required. they are usually accommodating. i have not heard of any rules of such. but they will try to teach baby and adjust accordingly