Im a FTWM mum with 2 boys under 2. 16 mths old and 3 mths. With no helper, no help from family, getting by each day by myself. Husb works odd shift, hence we will send kids to IFC together but i will fetch them myself after work. Fellow mummies with 2 under 2, how do u cope? I broke down today because i am super exhausted.

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I totally understand how you feel... super stressed up, easily get frustrated and still have to take care of not 1 but 2 crying babies... seriously i think you really need help if not you will get depression soon... is your husband helping you in any way? I am FTWM with one baby and i got depression before (i think) with stress at work, baby's all kind of fuss, lack of energy, lack of sleep, husb not caring and helping at all, no helper, no family support and all by myself to bring up the child... during baby's first two years i can say a total nightmare for both of us... most of the time i remember crying together with the baby... of course now the child has grown older and things indeed got better... but my goosebumps still comes up when i think of that 2 years... Do you have any friends who can lend a helping hand?

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I would say close one eye to house chores and cleanliness. Ensuring meals are taken care off and let the kids sleep. Slowly pack and clean up. Yes it gets exhausting but things will get better in 1-2 years time

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Hugs mummy! Close one eye to certain things at home. have you consider ordering tingkat to settle the meals?